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Resources and Technical Data for Specialty Gases, Industrial Gases and Gas Handling Equipment from Air Liquide

Technical Resources

All the specialty and industrial gas product, technical and safety information you need in one convenient location.

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Tech and Safety Data

Use and storage of any compressed gas under high pressure (2000 psi/138 bar and higher) can be extremely dangerous if proper gas handling procedures are not observed. Moreover, chemical characteristics of specialty gases themselves can pose serious health hazards if containment is not controlled appropriately.

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety from Air LiquideThe safety and well being of everyone who handles specialty gases is our top priority. This includes our own employees, third-party personnel who may transport our products, and each and every one of our customers. Toward this, in addition to maintaining extensive safety procedures, we provide comprehensive technical and safety information meant to help our customers maintain a safe, productive working environment.

General technical and safety information for compressed specialty gases may be conveniently viewed here online or printed for future use.

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